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Arts Academy
Fondazione Arts Academy - Accademia Internazionale di Musica in Roma
Guitar, Lute and Vihuela Department

4th Edition
Rome, 2-3 October 2000

The Arts Academy Foundation organises the fourth edition of the International Luthiers Exhibition in Rome, the 2nd and 3rd of October 2000, opening hours from 10 to 13 and from 14,30 to 19,30.
Luthiers from every Country (making classical guitars, XIX century guitars, baroque and renassaince guitars, lutes, vihuelas and other similar instruments) can take part to the exhibition.

What Arts Academy provides for you

1) Little stand for no more then three instruments - Arts Academy will provide some desks to put the instruments on; if possible, the Luthers will have to take some guitar supports for their instruments.

2) Catalogue of the Exhibition - Every Luthier will have a personal A4 page (21 x 29,7 cm.): it will be possible to insert one photo (of an instrument or of the luthier), biography, information about the instruments and addresses. The Luthier have to send us all the material we need for the catalogue within the application deadline, through e-mail (jpeg photo) or by post. Every Luthier will get two copies of the catalogue: the catalogue will be disposable for the visitors.

3) Public rehearsal of the instrument - No more than 12 minutes for each Luthier, in the afternoon of the two days. The Luther can choose a guitarist (but we have to know address and phone number of the guitarist and the Luthier must be sure about the disposability of the guitarist for the two days of the exhibition) or we can provide a guitarist among the high level student or teachers in Arts Academy. It's possible, within the 12 minutes, to present the own instruments, describing their building and sound characteristics, also using diapositive or drawing on trasparency slides.

4) Web portal devoted to the Luthiers created by Arts Academy - It will be working from October 2000 and it will be promoted during the whole 2001. Every Luthier of the exhibition will have a web page including no more than 2 photos, biography, information about the instruments, addresses, links to the eventual personal web site and a sound sample.

5) Reportage of the Exhibition on GuitArt  review, in which all the Luthiers will be mentioned.

6) A participation diploma

How to take part to the Exhibition
The Luthiers have to pay a fee of Italian Liras  240.000 or USD 120 through postal order entered in:

Fondazione Arts Academy
Via G.A.Guattani, 17
00161 Roma - Italia

The Luthiers have to send within the 10th of September 2000 a copy of the postal order, together with the application form and the whole material for the exhibition catalogue:

1) e-mailing to

2) by post to the following address:
    Fondazione Arts Academy / Mostra di Liuteria - Via G.A.Guattani, 17 - 00161 Roma - Italia

The responsible of the exhibition, M° Stefano Palamidessi, will contact the Luthiers to confirm their participation to the exhibition. For any further information, please contact:

Arts Academy - M° Stefano Palamidessi
Fax number: ++39/06/82084442

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